Sorry for the delay, I have been super busy and haven’t had a chance to sort through my Market finds until now. I went to Highpoint Market in North Carolina a few weeks ago with two other designer friends and had an amazing time. Highpoint is a town in North Carolina that has store after store of furniture, accessories and lighting. Fall and spring of every year they host “Market” where all interior designers and related industries get to come and see their latest products. Picture your local mall….ok times that by three and that is the square footage we needed to conquer. We obviously couldn’t see everything so had to pre-plan the showrooms we wanted to see first. Interestingly enough the showrooms are equipped with full bars so sip and shop was a nice added bonus.

I got the chance to see the latest fall collections and sat in on a few great seminars. The star of the show hands down was gold. The past two markets started introducing gold but this year it took over.

Everything from accessories, to furniture to lighting were displayed. I was so inspired by what I saw I could not wait to get back and show my clients. Listen, gold isn’t for everyone and although it is the current “trend” gold accents are as old as time. It will be a specific client that will make this choice.

I was most impressed by the lighting. There were a lot of period inspired pieces that we saw being brought back with a strong emphasis on mid-century.

Mid-Centry Lighting

Mid- Century Lighting

Send me some photos of your gold accents I would love to see them!!!