People ask me all the time how to style a coffee table. It is a great spot to display items that represent your personality, design aesthetic, and your travels.

Here is a list of my 5 simple tips:

1. Tray – it is a nice way to contain a small grouping and an easy way to bring in color and texture.

2. Large “coffee table” books – they are a must. Using books that you have purchased while traveling or represent your particular interests in music or nature etc. is perfect. This gives your guests something to skim through while you are shacking up a cocktail, a little insight to who you are.

3. Something natural – a fresh floral arrangement, a single colored flower or a plant. This brings freshness, color and life to your table.

4. Personal objects – Displaying a collection of objects you have collected and/or have personal meaning to you, is a great way to share who you are and where you have been.

5. Layering of different colors, heights and textures – using different colors, heights and textures add interest and depth to you table and carries your eye to each item.

I love how both of the photos above used matches. The bowl of matches is a great collection of different restaurants and hotels you have visited. The wood sticks with red tips simply bring in texture and color.

Happy Decorating!