I guess you could say I still do things kind of “old school”. Back when I was in design school we drew everything by hand. AutoCAD was just being introduced and it just didn’t feel right to me. Drawing my designs by hand is therapeutic. I can just sit there for hours drawing and nothing else matters. When I present my initial designs to a client I typically do the drawing by hand. I think my clients appreciate it and can see my passion for what I am doing. When the job progresses is when AutoCAD drawings are generated. They are very detailed and necessary when designing, especially when it is a whole house or something as technical as a kitchen design. This is a before photo of the kitchen in Jupiter, FL:

This is the drawing I did at my initial presentation meeting:


I am not a fan of leaving a space between the top crown moulding and the ceiling; it casts a shadow and is a dust collector. With that being said, I did a stack moulding taking it to the ceiling. Flanking the new cooktop are two pullouts. The client cooks a lot so having spices and oils close by was important. We ended putting in a double oven/ cooktop and removed the pantry.

These are the after photos:


The space for the island was huge so instead of keeping it all at one level we raised a portion creating a “bar” area with a wine fridge. Putting on the wood top added another texture and warmth to the space.