Almost 2 years ago I was hired to design a kitchen for a new construction project. This wasn’t any old client, this was our best friend’s Father and Step Mother. I have known them for a number of years and have been in some of their many beautiful homes. Let’s call them K & M.

K has impeccable taste. She is some what of a self proclaimed designer in her own right. Over the years they have purchased homes, renovated them and sold them. I have been to most of these homes and am awed by their beauty. Every space is well thought out and no detail is spared.

I had always hoped to one day work with them, and when I got the call I was thrilled. She had said she was building a home on the water in Cape San Blas and wanted me to design the kitchen. She wanted a fresh new design concept that she hadn’t seen before and I had tons of ideas just waiting to come out. I had no idea where this house was actually going to be, but immediately jumped on board.

When the home was completed we were invited to come stay for the weekend. My family and I drove 9hrs to Cape San Blas, which is located near Port St. Joe along the Florida Panhandle’s Emerald Coast. K & M were there along with our friend’s and their children.

When we walked into the house, we were immediately welcome with the most beautiful smell. Each room had it’s own balcony with beautiful furnishings, art, linens etc, it was like being at a resort. 


I have to mention that the best project outcomes are when the designer and client really connect. She trusted me, understood the process and really saw value in the service I was providing for her. I knew she would make the kitchen work with the rest of the house and she did. The kitchen was even more beautiful than I could have hoped. It had been a long time since I had drawn it, and to see it in come to life was exhilarating. The walls were covered in ship lap, the paneled refrigerator and hidden doorway to the pantry were done perfectly. The picture sconces over the windows and the shelves were the fresh new elements she was looking for. Everything came out perfect. K tied the whole house into the design and it was impeccable.

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