Consult - Curate - Deliver


E-Design is a design service geared towards clients who don't want the commitment of a full service project but still want the expertise of a professional.

Built with the DIY'er in mind, we use your input to create the room of your dreams and send you the recipe and ingredients.

Since all of our communication is virtual, E-Design is ideal for our clients located outside of South Florida.

Step 1: Consult


You e-mail us photos and measurements of the room(s) to be decorated along with your ideas or Pinterest boards, and a completed design questionnaire. Once we review it, we provide you with a price quote. Once you accept, (yay) we start designing.


Step 2: Curate


We create the recipe and ingredients of your special space within 3 easy to understand deliverables.

Room concept board:

Our virtual room concept boards will allow you to visualize how all of the components of your room will come together. Each piece is laid out so you know exactly what the end result will look like.

Space plan:

The space plan works along side the room concept board so you know how to style your space the Jennifer Ribek way. Our plans are extremely detailed, drawn to scale, and foolproof.

Shopping list:

Our E-Design shopping lists will supply you the links to each item on your concept board so you can buy them with a simple click of a mouse from each specified retail store.

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Step 3: Deliver


Once your pieces arrive, you are armed with the tools to bring your dream space to life.

Ready to roll up your sleeves?